A Perfect Place for Writing

I don’t love everything about being outside. In fact, as I get older, there are lots of things that I really dislike about being outside. Some perfect examples would be mosquitoes, over-zealous wasps, being extra sweaty and that feeling you get when you’re exhausted and want to sit on a sofa instead of a stump.

Looking up at trees

But overall, I am one of those many people that loves to be outside. The reasons listed above cannot countermand the immense satisfaction and serenity that I feel when getting fresh air. And the quieter it is, the more fulfilling it is.

Little Creek

We hiked, played, sang songs, ate yummy food and generally enjoyed the picturesque woods in which we stayed on a recent camping trip. It was so inspiring to be out in such a place of beauty. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I think it’s possible to become used to our other-worldly surroundings. Especially when it rains. And rains. And is overcast when it isn’t raining. It was amazing to take the time to fully submerse and enjoy it. And tuck away bits of writing inspiration for the nighttime when all was quiet and I turned on my laptop and easily wrote out a chapter that–even the next day–turned out great.

I want to go back and stay a week all by myself–sorry hubs and kiddos–to hike, drink tea, eat food cooked over a fire and hang out in this awesome yurt in between writing. It really was the perfect place for writing!


It’s fascinating to me to learn how other writers get their inspiration. Do you think about your book while doing the dishes, walking, on your commute? Please share in a comment below–perhaps I’ll try some of your tactics!