Live Piano Composition Session

Did you know that I’ve started performing LIVE piano composition sessions on Instagram Live?

It’s true! I sat at my piano and composed piano pieces on the spot tonight. It was really fun!

I have a Bachelor’s in Piano Performance and music composition is a major part of the way that I create story lines and develop characters. I’ve been trying to find an interesting way of showing/sharing this part of my creative process with you, so I was excited when the idea came to me–why don’t I compose live?

Honestly, I’ve been playing through my stories for so many years now and I do this several days of the week, anyway, I decided I might as well let you all be a part of that process!

So, you can find me on Instagram HERE, and I’ll be performing another live piano composition session again on Monday, April 17th if you’re interested in hanging out with me while I jam. I’ll likely start playing around 8:30, though that time is tentative and I will post on Instagram on Monday the exact time. Go ahead and click that FOLLOW button in order to stay up to date if you’re interested. I hope to see you there!