Tunes that Bring Words

Don’t you love finding a new band, or gaining an appreciation for an old one? When I write, I almost always have those earbuds in. There are rare occasions when I don’t–like when I’m making dinner with the laptop open on the counter to jot down a few paragraphs while also trying to chat with my husband and kiddos and stir whatever I’m cooking.

But when I write in the early morning and later evening, the music creates an atmosphere that nothing else can and I simply disappear into the world that I’m creating.

Music I’m loving today:

Coldplay Sparks


Two Door Cinema Club, What You Know

Two Door Cinema Club

On Tea and Writing

I didn’t grow up drinking tea. I remember an attempt that my sister once made at getting me to try it and I thought it was bland and strange. And, quite frankly, disgusting.

A few years after marriage, I found myself turning to tea when I was pregnant. I began drinking all kinds of herbal teas to try to help with this ailment or that and found that I actually liked tea. Whether it was holding the warm cup, or tasting the interesting spices and flavors that I learned to appreciate, I’m not sure what made me finally enjoy it.

When I decided to embrace the writer within, tea became a huge part of the experience. Instead of helping with pregnancy ailments, it now helps me to overcome writer’s blocks, keeps me alert with the lovely spices or helps me to sleep. Even when a story is tempting me to write on later into the night.

Ahhh, tea. You are delightful!

Do YOU have a favorite tea? Please feel free to comment.

Click HERE to see today’s favorite cup–Tahitian Vanilla Honey by Yogi.

tea mug

(This link is placed here for your benefit, but is not an affiliate link. It’s simply a tea that I enjoy!)