My Favorite Chamomile Tea



There are so many great things that come with the start of school and change of seasons. I love seeing all of the pumpkins, mums and changing leaves. I also feel a renewal somewhat akin to the beginning of the new year, which I thoroughly enjoy because making a list of goals totally satisfies and motivates my personality. I get lost without goals!

Of course, there are a few little problems, like the sun disappearing behind piles of clouds for months on end, hair frizzing out like crazy and my legs turning an unsightly shade of white.

Even worse, though, is the awful, disgusting, seriously nasty cold that I get at the beginning of every September.

Wait, what’s that? You get one also? I thought so! It’s pretty wild what can happen when all of the germs we collect on our summer travels are brought back to our communities to join forces and morph into an epic cold at the change of seasons and start of school, which is the perfect breeding ground.

Well, this September was no different, except for the fact that it may have been worse; I got a nasty cold that, at first, I thought I would be able to fight off. In fact, it even pretended to disappear for a time, but then returned with a vengeance a few days later.

I rested, ate homemade bread and soup, let my husband take care of us and drank plenty of water. It was all helpful and wonderful, but my favorite comfort when sick—besides watching back episodes of Doc Martin—is TEA. Beautiful herbal teas that warm you up, clear your sinuses and tell you that, in spite of your terrible state, you will be okay at some point.

I’m a fan of several brands of teas, but my go-to when I’m sick is Chamomile, and not just any Chamomile! I like Honey Vanilla Chamomile by Celestial Seasonings.

While they might not be of the highest caliber, tea-wise, you can find it pretty much anywhere, and for a gal that doesn’t really prefer chamomile tea, they totally got it right with the Honey Vanilla blend.
So! If you’re just recovering from the Fall Snotfest, or perhaps my germs have finally traversed the many or few miles necessary to come knocking on your door, you might consider tea.

Hand-Crafted Tea from Dulce Y Picante

When my husband went on a recent trip to México, I demanded requested that he bring home some tea and chocolate for me. He kept his word and it has been such a treat to open up the beautiful wrappings to find such tasty morsels and lovely teas. While delicious, they are also so different, making the adventure of eating and drinking them that much more enjoyable. Personally, though, I’m not certain it will last long enough. I may need to make a trip to pick up some more. Wouldn’t you agree??

Dulce Y Picante is the little shop in Valladolid where my husband found the tea. The curio shop carries all sorts of interesting things; the house made Mayan-influenced tea, spices, dishes, Mayan art and Mayan artifact replicas.


Tizana De Cacao


I loved the experience of opening the tea bag–the Tizana de Cacao is so different from any other I have seen! The shells from the cacao were so big, I didn’t think that the flavor would be very strong after steeping. I was very wrong, though–the flavor infused wonderfully.


Tea Set


I pulled out my little tea set to let everyone have a try along with me. My daughter took one sip and then politely said she didn’t like it, took another and held strong with her first opinion. She asked to be excused and I guess, to her, a book was more enticing than the tea. I mostly gave her the tea to experience something new…but, I must admit, to also watch her face. She doesn’t like tea and I know it!

My husband drank a cup and enjoyed it, but then also left the table.

Finally, my son and I were left on the deck to enjoy several more cups together until we had finished the pot. He loved it and smacked his lips the whole time. And I love it, too. It has such a warm, woodsy undertone, with a true chocolate flavor throughout. All kidding aside, I actually am very sad that I only have an ounce to enjoy.


Mayan Chocolate


We drank the tea with a ball of handcrafted Mayan chocolate slowly melting at the bottom of our cups as well as some local honey that has to be the best jar I’ve ever tasted. The Mayan chocolate is an experience in itself and deserves its own post!

I think I’ll wake up early tomorrow, steep a pot for myself, and write until everyone else wakes up.

On Tea and Writing

I didn’t grow up drinking tea. I remember an attempt that my sister once made at getting me to try it and I thought it was bland and strange. And, quite frankly, disgusting.

A few years after marriage, I found myself turning to tea when I was pregnant. I began drinking all kinds of herbal teas to try to help with this ailment or that and found that I actually liked tea. Whether it was holding the warm cup, or tasting the interesting spices and flavors that I learned to appreciate, I’m not sure what made me finally enjoy it.

When I decided to embrace the writer within, tea became a huge part of the experience. Instead of helping with pregnancy ailments, it now helps me to overcome writer’s blocks, keeps me alert with the lovely spices or helps me to sleep. Even when a story is tempting me to write on later into the night.

Ahhh, tea. You are delightful!

Do YOU have a favorite tea? Please feel free to comment.

Click HERE to see today’s favorite cup–Tahitian Vanilla Honey by Yogi.

tea mug

(This link is placed here for your benefit, but is not an affiliate link. It’s simply a tea that I enjoy!)