Clean & Quirky Romance

Do you enjoy the parody of romantic comedies like Clueless and Austenland or that sweet quirkiness of Hallmark romance? Then you’ll enjoy Happy Scoops and Twenty-Five Candles, Books One and Two of the Clean & Quirky Romance Series!


Happy Scoops Back Cover Blurb:

Chryssa Parker is about to start her senior year of high school and she knows that it’s going to be totes amazing.

As Team Captain of the Cheerleading Squad and President of the Student Body Government, Chryssa is ready to be the smartest and hottest that Intellectual Elite has ever graduated.

However, when a pile of traffic infractions show up in the Parker mailbox, Chryssa’s lawyer parents decide it’s time for Chryssa to learn some responsibility.

Forced to become a sign dancer dressed as a cone at her parent’s ice cream shop, Chryssa doesn’t think she’ll ever survive the job. Obligated to give up so much of her life, Chryssa is completely surprised when she learns what makes her truly Happy.

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Twenty-Five Candles Book Blurb:


When Anna Lewis was young, she made a wish to be married by her twenty-fifth birthday and just knew that her dream would come true. The problem is, becoming an adult isn’t as easy as she thought it would be.

Between giving up her nursing career and caring for her home-bound mother, Anna feels her dreams are passing her by. It’s only when—on her twenty-fourth birthday—Anna learns that a doctor is moving to town that she begins to hope once more.

However, when Anna finds out who the doctor is, conflict arises and her emotions are torn between her hometown boyfriend and the boy she always loved.


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