Fairy Wings & Dragonflies


Fairy Wings & Dragonflies (Book One)

Back Blurb:

Summer break is starting tomorrow and thirteen-year-old Willow is dreading it as she drifts off to sleep. With only the daytime company of her big, black cat, Sammy, Willow would much rather be in school than spend all day at home where she will have to face boredom and loneliness.

Waking up in the night as Sammy heavily lands on her, Willow’s eyes pop open to find her cat wildly chasing something around the room and thinks it must be a bird. Jumping out of bed to throw the window open, Willow frantically rushes after Sammy, trying to keep him from attacking so that the bird can fly free.

A pouncing Sammy catches the creature and Willow hurries over, finally getting a good look at what she can’t believe is there. Shaking her head and squeezing her eyes closed in disbelief, when she opens them again, the shimmery wings that Willow just saw haven’t disappeared. They are still there.

Before she can get any answers, the enchanted creature escapes and Willow realizes that a magical realm surrounds her–a world she hadn’t believed in. A world right outside of her window. And, although completely unaware as she looks out into the night, Willow will soon discover that she is very much a part of the magic.